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This week I dared to try a little stitching during the day.  I didn’t get too far before Aria was imploring me to help her make a wedding dress.  Apparently, a wedding dress is strapless and long – really long.  She wanted to attach a blue playsilk to the hem of her pink and white hibiscus print sundress and remove the straps.  Um, err….

I steered her towards the concept of classic white, honestly hoping she might toss the idea so I could get back to work.  But, of course not.  She simply suggested I get some white fabric!  So, abandoning all hope for my project, I sent her to fetch this white petticoat dress of sorts that she’s been wearing as a nightgown.

Here she is proudly pinning her chosen purple chiffon to the hem of the dress.  It was her first time at this type of pinning.  When we went to stitch I realized that I had forgot to emphasize that ideally the dress hem and chiffon should be pinned together without gathering either fabric.   But, as Aria says, “It’s ok, Mommy!”

After pinning Aria chose a thread color for the machine stitching.  She worked the sewing machine foot peddle while I fed the fabric into the machine and removed the pins.  She prefers to go painfully slow.  Her favorite part of machine sewing is choosing a stitch.  After much consideration and reconsideration, she chose this wavy pattern which shows up quite nicely, I think.

So, there you have it.   One loooong wedding dress!  Aria handstitched a leftover chiffon scrap to a headband to create a veil, so I think we’re all set for the big day.


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