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Life is good when your embroidery floss is tidily stored on thread bobbins.  Life is even better when your bobbins smile back at you.

Cute. Thread Bobbins

Cute.  AND useful!  Download your printable here.

I’ve set to work winding my loose embroidery floss.  The geek in me loves that these little thread bobbins are color coded so that you can match their color to your floss.  Yah, it’s the little things.

a world of possibilities

This is my stash of tidy embroidery floss.  Now, don’t think I’ve been winding for weeks!  My mom picked up this handy organizer mostly filled with floss on bobbins from a yard sale.  Score!  I’ve been filling it in with hand-me-down embroidery floss once wound on my new bobbin friends.  So between winding and embroidering, I’ve been whiling away the time with Alias a few times a week.  We’re almost to the last season on DVD.  I think we’ll finish just before season premiers!

Hope you can use the cute printable 🙂

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