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Or maybe it’s just time to receive Urban Home Goods swaps?  When I got home last night and read “Pink Punk Boutique” on the return label of a fairly large package at my doorstep, I let out a shout!  I’ve been stalking the swap group page a bit and had already seen what Shelley of Pink Punk Boutique made for her partner.  It was LOVE at first sight.  Just look what I got in the mail!!!

Urban Home Goods Swap - RECEIVED!

Can you believe it? This is so not fair. I don’t deserve this, not-uh, not-uh.

Well, you can see there that Shelley made a gorgeous “rug mug” and sent along a shiney new yellow mug to keep it company. My kitchen is yellow, orange, pink and red, so she nailed it. That little rug mug is actually keeping me company by my laptop right now. I drink water all day long.

My machine feels so loved!

I was really, really hoping for a sewing machine cover, and here it is! Could it be any more fab? Linen with wavy quilting! Be still my beating heart! And all that color too. Sigh, it’s perfect. My machine feels so loved (and my dining room table looks much nicer!) Do you see what else she sent?

the Ultimate pin cushion

It’s just the ultimate pincushion!!!! This pincushion caddy is from Anna Maria Horner’s first book Seams to Me.  I’ve been wanting to make it because my current and only pincushion is rather embarrassing.  But, I’ve heard it’s kind of tricky to make, so I’m guiltily relieved that I don’t have to make it for myself (I know, that’s low, https://stitchedincolor.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpisn’t it).  I would have been thrilled to receive just the sewing machine cover.  That Shelley sent this too cool pincushion made in Anna’s fabrics (swoon) is so beyond amazing!

Cute as a pie, backsides

But that’s not all.  I know!  I know!  She also made me THREE hot pads. Above are pics I took of the backs. I adore those little selvedge tags. Here is Shelley’s pic of the fronts:

Hot Pads

So, what can I say?  I love it!  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to Shelley of Pink Punk Boutique!

P.S.  Actually, it is my birthday weekend.  Tonight I’m starting the celebrations by going out to the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC with some girlfriends.  Hopefully, I’ll have some pics for you later.

And, I have a gift for you too… check back on Monday!


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This Little Potholder - front

Phew!  This little potholder took a looooong time to make.  Now, I really enjoy handwork, but piecing hexagons does not seem to be my cup of tea.  It’s SO slow going.  And, is it just me or are hexagons sometimes cuter before they are stitched together?  (Please don’t throw things at me, all you hexie lovers!)

Hexagon Potholder

Well, I truly needed a potholder, so this fits the bill.  I like this style made for folding.  There’s an oval one like it in Patchwork Style, and I also have one by Kitchenaid in the same shape.  However, I have a feeling that my next potholder is going to be more like one of these beauties from Flickr:

1. New potholders, 2. Patches potholders, 3. YIP 365.208 :: Potholders

So, I kinda like the back of my hexagon potholder better.  See:

This Little Potholder - back

Some scrap hexies along with linen tape jazz it up, and my quilting lines were drawn from the print design.  I hand applied non-bias binding, hence the puckers.  But, you know, I like the puckers.

Now I did join Heather’s Flickr group {Handsome} Hexies – The Swap.  Whenever round 2 begins, I’ll be basting and trading 25 adorable hexagons. BUT, this time I’m not piecing them together.  No siree.  I’m going to applique them, probably by machine.  Because, that’s just So. Much. Easier.

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