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Reluctant Gardening

All to often lately, I’ve been slaving away in the garden instead of stitching indoors. This is our first veggie garden and it’s really not any fun yet. We’ve put lots of time and cash into setting things up with a super-high fence to keep out the deer and sprinklers.

Our Veggie Garden

Now comes my part… the actual planting.  At lease I have these two sillies to keep me entertained.  They know what to do with all the red clay I dig out.

Making Mud Cake

It’s takes a load of self-discipline to toil in the sun when Good Folks fabric is calling me inside. Here is a peek at what I’m working on now for my mama in the nighttime hours.

Mama's Gift in progress

Meanwhile, the azaleas have taken siege.  Our humble home is surrounded with a riot of blooms.  Literally surrounded.

Springtime at home

Azalea glory

Although the azaleas are having their moment in the limelight, my favorite view is the treeline along the meadow where a hint of dogwood blooms can still be spotted.

Along the meadow

Isn’t spring delicious?

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