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Free Shipping {for 10 fat quarters}

Still shopping for your Colorbrick Quilt fabric?  Take a look at Sew Love Fabrics.  When you buy 10 or more fat quarters,  put the word “Colorbrick” in the notes to seller when you checkout to get free shipping on orders to the US or $5 off international orders.  Sew Love Fabrics will refund/adjust your shipping when she processes your order.

And, speaking of Ruth’s happy little store, look what I just helped my friend order!

Far Far Away 2

Yep, I’m living vicariously through her, since I have no excuse to indulge in this linen-cotton goodness.  She’s prewashing this selection of Far Far Away 2 by Heather Ross right now in preparation for her very first quilt. We picked out 4 coordinating solids for a simple 10″ square design. It’s for her daughter’s bed…

Rapunzel on Natural

And, guess what? Her daughter, Isabelle, happens to have red hair just like Rapunzel on Natural.  How lucky is she?  I would SO love to be a red head!


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This post is part of a series {Colorbrick} a Beginner’s Quilt-Along.  You can join in anytime, even if you’re not a beginner!  Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress!

I cannot tell you how excited I am that so many of you want to participate!  I am completely honored.  Well, I can tell you’re ready to get started!  Let’s talk about the part that makes us all giddy…

Choosing Your Prints

You’ll need at least 10 fat quarters to complete the Colorbrick Quilt.  But, guess what, you can use more if you like!  I’m using these 13 fat quarters from the Modern Meadow collection by Joel Dewberry (found here and here).

for {Colorbrick} Quilt-Along

So, how did I choose?  I am making this quilt for my sister, who wants a quilt with navy, wine and burnt orange.  At first I tried to piece these colors together from different lines.  But, since I shop on the internet for fabric, that is pretty darn hard.  Modern Meadow had some great prints in my sister’s preferred colors.  And, the beauty of using a designer’s collection is that you can trust it to match (one wine and another, for example) and to coordinate (this navy harmonizes well with the orange).  Off to a good start!  Next, I added in some brown prints for a neutral.  So far this quilt was looking pretty dark (navy, wine, burnt orange, bark brown).  To give it more variety in value I added the lightest brown herringbone and some aqua blue prints (a color favored by her husband).

At this point, I was pretty happy with my selections.  I had 11 fat quarters.  After settling on making the Colorbrick style, I tried to pinpoint what makes me love this quilt so much.

At home

And I decided, that what I love most is the way the colors dance as the eye is drawn from brick to brick.  How does that happen?  It’s because of the wide variety of colors and value in the quilt (all thanks to Anna Maria Horner, of course!).  So… I opted to add 2 Modern Meadow yellow prints to keep the navy, wine, orange, aqua and brown company.  A fuller spectrum of the rainbow = happy color dance!  Done.

So, as you go about choosing your fabrics, here are my main thoughts:

Using a Designer’s Collection is a smart and convenient choice, especially if you’re shopping online.  The designer has done most of the work for you!

If Piecing Together from Different Collections shop in person or search Flickr for more pictures of the fabrics you are considering for more accurate coordinating.  Some ideas for color inspiration – a favorite color in all it’s many hues, a pair of colors (blue/green, pink/orange, etc.)  or gray with any color (especially with mustard, purple or berry).

For a Color Dance look to represent all but 1-2 main colors (my Modern Meadow selections lack green and purple) or the complete rainbow.  Go light on neutral prints in grays or browns.

Consider Scale.  Each printed rectangle will finish at 5.25 x 9.5″.  This is fairly large block, and serves large prints like the Modern Meadow tree well.  Medium scale prints are very effective.  Small prints like a small dot, tiny floral or thin stripe will give the quilt a more “simple” look.  I prefer a mix of large and medium scale prints.

Consider Variety.  Quilting fabric collections usually include a variation of dot, stripe and floral.  That’s because a variety of print types adds to the fun.  If you’re a classic type of gal, you may like an interpretation like Nicey JaneMeadowsweet is more vintage.  Good Folks (which I used on the original Colorbrick quilt) has a folksy flair and Urban Circus is completely playful.  But, if you look closely, they generally include a version of dot, stripe and floral.

Use Value.  Aim for a mix of light, mid and dark value prints.  Don’t know about value?  See this post.  A quilt made up in one value can be a little flat and boring.  Don’t worry overmuch here, it’s not rocket science.  If you like it – great!

Choosing Your Solid

The Colobrick quilt is sashed and backed in a solid neutral.  Since the sashing is the grout, I suggest a neutral brown, white or pale gray.  The quilt has a solid backing in the same neutral as the sashing, which keeps things simple (beginner quilt, remember?) and showcases the stair-step quilting design.


I ♥ Linen!  Natural linen is what I used on the original Colorbrick and it’s what I’ll be using this time too.  Fabric-Store.com is a great source for linen that’s nice and wide, so that you don’t have to piece the back at all.  I’ll be using the IL019 in Natural, which is just $5.97 a yard!  If you purchase your linen from Fabric-Store.com, choose from any of the colors in the IL019 line, since it’s a medium weight linen and all colors are 59″ wide.  You’ll need 3 3/4 yards of linen, but you’ll have to buy 4 yards, since they only cut full yards.

Most fabrics are not manufactured at 59″ wide.  The standard width is 44 or 45″ wide.  Kona Cotton is 44/45″ wide and Essex Linen/Cotton Blend is 43″ wide.  If you buy your neutral in any of these widths you’ll need to buy 5 yards total.  Sew Fresh Fabrics, who is a great source of both Kona and Essex, is offering my readers free shipping on an order of $30 or more.  Just note that you are participating in the Colorbrick Quilt-Along and they will refund your shipping fees within 48 hours! A nice white is Kona SnowKona Ash is a well-loved light gray.  And, at this listing you can compare Kona Stone and Natural.  Essex Cotton/Linen in Natural is lighter and grayer than most natural linen.  But, it is the neutral I used hereEssex Putty is a darker neutral shade.  And, Essex comes in white too.

Linen, Kona Cotton or Essex Linen/Cotton? I’ll be honest – linen is not as easy to work with as cotton.  It tends to be a little shifty when cutting and sewing.  For me, it’s worth it because I love the look and texture.  It’s so natural, so earthy.  Essex is a linen/cotton blend precisely designed to marry the beauty of linen with the ease of sewing on cotton.  It is as easy as Kona to work with, but not as pretty as linen in my opinion.  Honestly, not as pretty by far.  Some suggest using starch to prevent linen from shifting while cutting/sewing.

If You Buy Linen from Fabric-Store.com remember that you need only 4 yards.  Your fabric is so wide that you won’t have to stitch together a backing at all.  One large piece will do the trick!

If You Buy Essex Linen/Cotton or Kona remember that you need 5 yards of fabric.  Also, your quilt is wider than this fabric, so you will have the piece together a quilt backing that is big enough.  This doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is one more step.  To avoid a random-seam-line appearance, I’ll recommend that you piece together 1 row of 5 bricks to span the backing with solid on each side.

Phew!!!  A complete materials list will be posted tomorrow!

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And now, let’s celebrate YOUR birthday, whenever it is, with a fabric giveaway!  Because I know you want fabric for your birthday, right?

My new sponsor, Sew Fresh Fabrics, is gifting a fat quarter set from Nest by Valori Wells and your favorite 4 Kona colors!  Here is the fat quarter set, including from top to bottom:  Paisley in Autumn, Birds in Pink, Birds in Twig and Berries in Tangerine.

Nest by Valori Wells

Don’t you just love the birds?  I can’t seem to get enough of them.  Here’s another view of this fat quarter set:

Fat Quarter Nest + Kona Giveaway

But that’s not all…  The winner will also receive 4 fat quarters of Kona Cotton, because you know that Sew Fresh Fabrics is all about the Kona.

Prints + Solids = You’ll be ready to sew!

Enter to Win!

For your chance to win, comment here telling us which 4 Kona Cotton Solids you’d choose to coordinate with this lovely set of Nest. Just click right over to Kona Cotton at Sew Fresh Fabrics to find your favorites!

For a second entry, blog about this giveaway and make a second comment to record your entry.

Enter now through noon (EST) Thursday, September 16th.  Winner will be announced Thursday afternoon!

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Stashing Geometrics

As of late, I’ve been craving single tone geometrics.  Don’t you just love how they mix and match with other lines so well?  Here’s my stash-building splurge.

Freebird Ovals & Buttoned Up

Freebird Ovals by Moda in grass, nest, ice and melon, plus Buttoned Up in plum by Anna Maria Horner (not a tonal geometric, I know, but one of the few Good Folks I’ve never owned).

Modern Meadow Herringbone

Herringbone from Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry in pond, timber and maple.

Modern Meadow Nap Sack

Nap Sack from Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry in sunglow, sunset, berry and lake.

All of these treats were purchased through Etsy, with Buttoned Up arriving from my sponsor Sew Love Fabrics and all the rest found at Down Shadow Lane.

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Welcome, Sew Fresh Fabrics!

How’s this for stunning?

Or, if you’re not “blue for greens“, can you resist these pretties?

Yes, I am flagrantly tempting you with gorgeous ranges of Kona cotton available for sale at my new sponsor, Sew Fresh Fabrics!  The thing is, I don’t feel a bit bad, because each set of 12 fat quarters is a mere $18.00.  Sew Fresh Fabrics offers much-loved Kona solids at a great price, with a HUGE selection, on Etsy, my favorite place to shop.  What’s not to love?  Currently, they stock more than 41 Kona cotton colors that you can buy separately at $5.25 a yard.  Oh, and they have Essex linen/cotton blend too, for all my fellow linen-lovers.

No matter what I’m sewing, I always need solids.  One can’t rely upon the local chain fabric store to stock a good-selection of cotton solids, so off I am to find what I need online!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for  solids in my home collection when I’m working on a project.  A fat quarter (or half yard) set of a pretty range like these would really add possibilities to any fabric collection.  And, then, there are the yards of solids often desired for backings too!  So, yep, I’m very truly glad to have found Sew Fresh Fabrics!

Sew Fresh Fabrics also stocks some unique prints like Castle Peeps, Nest by Valorie Wells and the newly arrived Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun.  This line would be so perfect for a baby quilt or crib set!

Still, I’m pretty sure that my first order is going to be all about solids.  I need a dose of pure color.  Thank-you, Sew Fresh Fabrics!

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First, I am so glad you have been enjoying my “Stitch Your Life” posts.  I’ve heard from many who are taking the plunge into first sewing projects!  Hurray!  There’s a new tab up top so that you can easily reference the whole series.  If you have any requests for future posts, I’d love to hear them.

Now on to the goodies!  My sweet sponsor Ruth of Sew Love Fabrics & Sew Love Christmas, is giving one of my readers this complete 1/2 yard set of Christmas Spice by Michael Miller!

Christmas Spice Fabric Giveaway!

Isn’t it fun!  That’s a total of 4 lovely yards and more than enough to get you off to a running start on Christmas sewing this year!  This is the same line I’m using to make my spiderweb Christmas tree skirt.  I love that it includes red and green, but in less traditional tones.  And the addition of pink and teal just makes me smile!

Enter to Win!

For your chance to win, comment here telling us what you would make with Christmas Spice!

For a second entry, blog about this giveaway and make a second comment to record your entry.

Enter now through noon (EST) Thursday, August 19th.  Winner will be announced Thursday afternoon!

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Garden Party!

Eeek!  Look what I discovered in my mailbox!!!

Garden Party from Splendor Falls

Can you believe it?  That’s 12 quarter cuts that Mary of Splendor Falls sent me in exchange for those milkglass dishes I cleared out of my new fabric buffet.  How appropriate right?  Less dishes/more GORGEOUS fabric!!!  Thank-you, Mary – I am so very blessed!

Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party collection was discontinued awhile before I began sewing.  I’ve admired it a swatch at a time on screen, but never seen it like this in good company.  Honestly, it blows me away.  No wonder it’s Ruth’s all time favorite collection.  Now, the question is, should I keep collecting?

I know for sure that I’ll be sewing with this soon.  I’m thinking of a fabric cube for my sewing shelf, a pin cushion and either a purse or sewing machine cover.  I think I can do all that with what I have….

P.S.  I’ve never won a fabric giveaway, though I’ve entered a gazillion.  This totally makes up for it!

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