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Look, look!  I had such fun making this:

Hexagon Tree Block

It’s my block for the Love circle of do. Good Stitches, a charity quilting bee.  This month, Ara Jane asked us for tree blocks on white.  My head was spinning with so much freedom until I landed on a bowl full of hexagons that have been languishing in my kitchen…

I arranged the hexagons randomly on a white block and then sketched the tree trunks and branches in between with pencil.  Then, I removed the hexagons and machine stitched the outline of the trunk and branches in medium brown thread.  The idea to fill in the tree with free-form stitching came from Meg’s book “Sew Liberated“.  She makes some cool tree pillows with trunks like these.  Meg suggested free motion stitching using a stabilizer fabric underneath.  After some trial and error, I decided not to mess with stabilizer or free motion.  I stitched this with a simple clear presser foot.  It was quick and fun!  Last I machine appliqued the hexagons in place.

Fun Stitching!

But, guess what, I need to make TWO blocks!  Hmm… what to do next?


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Red & Aqua Sampler Quilt Top

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I need to finish…

* My Anna Maria Horner skirt – it only needs hemming!

* The do. Good Stitches Red & Aqua Sampler charity quilt – just received my Kona snow from Sew Fresh Fabrics for the backing.

* My Christmas Tree skirt – I’m done piecing the top (and WOW!).  Now, should I bind it or just sew right sides together and turn right side out?

Christmas Tree Skirt Piecing

Of course, I didn’t work on any of those projects last night. Nope.  I decided to indulge in a quick finish, a one-night stand as it were.

Cross Blocks for do. Good Stitches
These cross blocks are for another do. Good Stitches quilt, this time for the faith circle.  Ahhhh, so easy!  Tutorial here.

What do you need to finish?

Aria's pincushion

P.S.  Speaking of finishes, look what my 5-year-old just finished!  It’s a little froggie pincushion.  She wanted me to share it with you :).

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Wanted – a few good quilters.  By “good” I mean, good-hearted, generous and passionate about helping others.  Ok, it helps if you’ve made a few quilts too (I’ve only made 3 myself).  This one will be my 4th…

Red & Aqua blocks

That’s the collaborate effort of the Love circle, which is the first virtual charity sewing bee that formed at do. Good Stitches.  We’re doing a red and aqua sampler quilt and only about 1/2 of the blocks are represented above.  I’ll be piecing and quilting this beauty next month, after all the blocks arrive!

So, back to you.  Are you interested in stitching for children in need?  Two new circles are forming right now.  The Hope circle benefits Piecing Hope, which is funneling quilts to an African orphanage for aids victims.  The Faith circle benefits the local needy through our local Christian churches.  Both of these groups are in need of quilters.  Quilters are those members that plan, assemble and quilt each month’s project.  They are not responsible for providing materials for the quilt top, as each member pieces blocks from their own stash.  You need to be an active Flickr member to participate.  And, quilters, do need to be located in the US.  If you’re interested, please visit do. Good Stitches to request an invite or just comment here.

At this point, I am {sadly} having to turn down those sweet souls that are requesting membership as a stitcher for these groups.  If you cannot commit to quilting, but do want to participate, you can join now as a “member” and be on the waiting list for a future charity circle.  I anticipate that another will open before the end of the year!

Come quilt with us!

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New & New

I’m so glad to have a new handwork project.  This pretty gray skirt was stained this summer  when I geniusly wore it on our camping trip.  I’m using the Alabama Chanin reverse applique technique to give it a whole new look.  Just started…


In other shades of “new”, I’m working on expanding do. Good Stitches to include all the many that would like to participate, as well as some new charities.  Today, I found Piecing Hope, which sends quilts to a Christian orphanage in Africa.  If you’re interested in becoming a host of one of our charity circles, please let me know!  Charity suggestions welcome – especially from members and members-to-be!

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I am so glad that our first round of charity quilt-making with do. Good Stitches is finally here!  I started the Flickr group in June, and was thrilled to see so many kindred spirits join up to do some good.  Because of summer travel plans, we decided to wait out July and make our first quilt this August.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to start!

{If you find yourself wishing you had joined in time, don’t hesitate to contact me!  I’m making a list for do. Good Stitches Too, a second group I expect to launch this fall.}

Piecing in Aqua & Red

So, without further ado, let me tell you what we’ll be making!  This first month, I am quilting.  I settled on a Red & Aqua Sampler Quilt.  The concept is simple:  each bee member will make 2 blocks in aqua and red.  But not just any 2 blocks!  The blocks must be made in the same block style (log cabin, square in square, flying geese, etc) and the block style must be a straight, non-wonky design.  So, block styles with rectangles, triangles and squares are perfect.  Blocks incorporating curves and irregular (ie wonky) cuts are out.  I imagine that this sampler style will allow the completed quilt to feel harmonious, even though each member is sewing with her own fabrics, which will obviously vary quite a lot! 

do. Good Stitches - Round 1

Completed 12″ blocks are to be mailed to the quilter (that’s me) by August 31st.  But I hope folks send them in early, because I can’t wait to start putting this together!  I’m committed to finish the quilt by the end of September, when I’ll mail it to Wrap Them in Love.  From there the quilt will make it’s way to a child in need of warmth and love!

Here are my finished blocks for round 1.

Red & Aqua Sampler Quilt blocks

The cycle begins anew in September, when our next quilter will launch a new quilt.  Yah!  By the way, there are two levels of bee membership, which you can read about here.   If you want to help by making blocks, but aren’t prepared to finish a quilt, you can sign on as a “stitcher” only when we launch the next charity bee!

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Sun Squares

Just look at these beautiful square in square blocks made by Anna Maria Horner for the Rainbow Around the Block charity bee:

I made my own square in square block the other night, combining some of my favorite fabric collections.  It’s so bright and happy – I love it!  I hope Sun Squares makes you smile:

Sun Squares Block

I could not find an online tutorial for this style of block, so I had to wing it.  After a tiny bit of trial and error (I used photoshop to measure Anna’s inner blocks), it came together pretty well.  Anna Maria is going to post a tutorial for the square in square block on her blog soon.  I’ll update this post with a link when her tutorial is up.  You can download Anna’s PDF tutorial here.

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