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Wanted – a few good quilters.  By “good” I mean, good-hearted, generous and passionate about helping others.  Ok, it helps if you’ve made a few quilts too (I’ve only made 3 myself).  This one will be my 4th…

Red & Aqua blocks

That’s the collaborate effort of the Love circle, which is the first virtual charity sewing bee that formed at do. Good Stitches.  We’re doing a red and aqua sampler quilt and only about 1/2 of the blocks are represented above.  I’ll be piecing and quilting this beauty next month, after all the blocks arrive!

So, back to you.  Are you interested in stitching for children in need?  Two new circles are forming right now.  The Hope circle benefits Piecing Hope, which is funneling quilts to an African orphanage for aids victims.  The Faith circle benefits the local needy through our local Christian churches.  Both of these groups are in need of quilters.  Quilters are those members that plan, assemble and quilt each month’s project.  They are not responsible for providing materials for the quilt top, as each member pieces blocks from their own stash.  You need to be an active Flickr member to participate.  And, quilters, do need to be located in the US.  If you’re interested, please visit do. Good Stitches to request an invite or just comment here.

At this point, I am {sadly} having to turn down those sweet souls that are requesting membership as a stitcher for these groups.  If you cannot commit to quilting, but do want to participate, you can join now as a “member” and be on the waiting list for a future charity circle.  I anticipate that another will open before the end of the year!

Come quilt with us!

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